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  • 英語演講中小學生比賽稿5篇

    | 郭家




    The birds are feeding situation, sheep milk are kneeling grace. We, human, as masters of the universe, also there is gratitude, gratitude. Thanksgiving is the source of power, love of the root, the courage of the. Let us learn to Thanksgiving, harvested in different life.

    First of all, we should be grateful for our parents. Because the love of parents, we came to this world. We live to love, love is to carry out, let the world be full of love, let the world is full of gratitude. Our parents, not only because they brought us to this world, but because they are selfless love, has raised us up, the education of our life, our responsibility, share the burden, happy with our happiness. Parents, is our life will always be the one, even if we always with gratitude.

    Then, we want to live a life of gratitude. Because of life, let us grow. In this process, we may experience more failure, but because of a failure again and again, so that we will become more splendid success, so we should appreciate, thank you for these teaches us how to have better life failed, thanks to these make our life more brilliant success. Thanks to life, let us experience again the story fresh, let us experience more rich. Thanks to life, let us know。

    Thanksgiving is valuable. Because Thanksgiving, we grow up happily. Then, we want to thank friends. What is a friend? Friend is who grows with us, is the most loving thing and the people you share. Friends are those in your fly high very fast when, not screaming for you, not about how you badly, but to worry you won't fall down, then you do to prepare the people. Because of this friend, we can only be reckless to break through, to fight, as we know, our friends will be behind the strong fortress. Therefore, we should be friends. To friends, and friends happy growth.

    Furthermore, to thank those who have let you grow, make you strong, you once they snub sb. Because of them, only let you have after unwilling person idea. They will think of you for a scathing attack, is the so-called criticism will have progress. Therefore, we often criticized in the growth, make progress, be happy. Indifference of the people, thank you ever look down on me, so I do not bow, live more wonderful.

    Finally, we want to thank your. Only you really know what they want, can do what, has been holding on to something. May be many people misunderstood, misunderstood. At that time, only their most wronged, and only know best. Therefore, their Thanksgiving, thank your patience, insist, your success.

    In the growth of the road, let us have a thankful heart, happy Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving society, the world to live a life of gratitude, thank you my he! Thank you.


    Good morning everybody,

    I’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. We all know that Bingxin has a famous saying “we always admire the beauty of flowers but its sprout was watered by tears of struggle and rained by blood of sacrifice”.

    So for the majority, behind their success, are filled of sweat and tears. Eagle flying in the vast firmament, must be experienced the pain of countless times fall under the cliff, then hammered out a pair of volley wings. A shinning of pearls, inevitably suffered countless body friction and numerous waves’ shock. In this view, a real successful people, and he must experienced numerous times to stand up again and agin after failed, because without sweat and tears on the life road ,no one can casually get the beautiful flowers. Alfter a heavy fall Shi Tiesheng lost his legs, it must be a heavy blow for anyone. But he didn't lose faith in life, but use his brain and hands to show the infinite love of life.

    Beethoven was blind and deaf, but he still had written the "Hero""Destiny"nd so on a large number of music works, in his unfortunately life, he doggedly gripped the "fate of the throat. They all had a fall, but they are strong enough to stand up, fight against fate and misfortune, finally they succeed. So for each of us, wrestling is not terrible, lose confidence and courage in life is the most terribe thing. In my opionion, the sweat and tears during the life’ journey are very important for us, they hone our will, and enrich our experience.

    As the saying goes, how can you see the rainbow without a rainy day, while you don't work hard and not struggle, how can you gain the successful flowers. All in all, the sweat and tears on the struggling road is inevitable, don’t look for shortcuts anymore, steadfast walk every step, we will succeed in the end.

    So belief yourself, nothing is impossile, just do it. Thank you for taking your time to listen to my speech, I hope in the near future we all can be successful.


    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Good afternoon!

    My name is David。I e from Jiangsu Province。Right now I start my own business in Yiwu city。Today I am very happy to have a chance to share the topic with all of you。My topic is “cherish what you have right now”。Before my topic , I would like to tell you a story。

    Long long time ago there was a big mountain。 In the mountain there was a temple。 In the temple there were two monks。 One is an old monk, the other is a young monk。 One day the old said to the young: “You can go outside of the mountain to travel around and experience the life of mon people。But you are required to e back after 10 years?!?The young nodded。 He left the mountain and traveled。 Ten years later,he came back at last。The old monk asked him a question: “what have you learned in the past ten years?” The young answered: “ In the past 10 years I have e to know that the most important thing is what I have lost and what I haven’t got?!?The old smiled and said nothing。Time passed quickly。 One year later, the old said to the young again: “You can travel around again for another 10 years”。 The young followed it。 Another 10 years later, the young returned。The time the old monk asked him the same question: “What have you learned in the past 10 years?” The young kept silent for w

    hile and said: “In the world the most important thing is not what I have lost and not what I haven’t got but what I have right now。Just cherish it?!?/p>

    So much for the story。 But the answer in the story is very instructive。 Sometimes it makes me think a lot。 “Just cherish what you have right now?!?It is a very good idea。But maybe you have the question: What is “cherish”? Could you tell me the detail meaning? Ok! I tell you the answer。 Cherish means just to keep it ,to hold it , to love it and to protect it。For example, you have a nice popular and fashion IPhone, just cherish it means to keep it well ,to hold it well, love it well and protect it well。Understand? I see。 You got it。OK! Right now I have a question for you: What do you have right now? Maybe you will say “I have a lot of money?!?maybe you will say : “ I have a big house” maybe he will say:“I have a rich car” Maybe she will say: “I have a smart boy friend?!?Maybe ,maybe ,maybe ,maybe there are lots of maybes。Maybe different people have different answer for it。But it doesn’t matter。 No matter whatever your answer is, just cherish it。Cherish what you hav

    e right now。Cherish your parents,especially when they bee older and older,give more love to them。 Otheriwse you will have more regrets。Cherish your family members,especially your children。Try your best to spare and spend more time to be with them。Otherwise,you don't have chance to regret it。Cherish your friends,especially when they are in trouble。 Spare no efforts to help them out。Otherwise your friends will go away from you one day。Cherish,cherish,cherish。As long as you cherish what you have right。


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It is my honor to share my topic with you here。 And my topic is Time Is Valuable。?? Time flies。 The article cong cong of Zhu Ziqing also tells us time is rare。 We all know that :Time is life, at home we have parents advisement, at school we have teachers advisement。 But who treasures time as life?

    Now let’s enjoy a story: One day a young man visited great educator Banjieming。 When Banjieming opened the door, to the young man’s great surprise。: his house was very dirty。 “I’m sorry, It’s too dirty。 Wait a minute please。 Banjieming said and closed the door。

    One minute later, Banjieming opened the door again and said: e in please 。 This time what the young man saw was a clean and clear sitting room。

    “OK, You may go now。 Banjieming said , “But I , I havn’t remit to you”。 The young man asked。 “Isn’t it enough? Looking at the room, “ Banjieming said。 “You have been here for one minute?!?“One minute? One minute, Oh I know。 You tell me a truth: We can do many things in a minute?!?The young man left with satisfaction。

    The story is short but meaningful。 Just like the story says:

    one minute isn’t long。 But our life is made of such minutes。 In fact only treasure time , will you succeed, only treasure time, will you realize your ideal。 Only treasure time will you achieve what you want。

    We should make good use of time to study hard or to do something meaningful for yourself。 So, we should plan the time to study and relax,especially at use we have more free time at home,so that we can use that time to do a lot of things。

    However,how can we plan the time? There are different ways for different example, somebody like to study in the morning, and relax in the the contrary, somebody like to relax in the morning, and study in the body even think the best time to study is in the erent ways for different all the ways have one thing in mon。

    That is the need for practical action。 If you want to change a difficult situation, if you want to change yourself, if you want to make good use of time to study, you must put into not, your plan will be not meaningful。

    So dear fiends, please treasure every minutes of your life。 Only like this will you have an excellent future。 Thank you very much。


    One night, I plained to my mom about the lack of time。 Finally she said,"you are short of time just because you waste precious minutes on plaints and anxiety。 The point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can always fit in some thing more。"

    It is the same with filling the jar。 Even if you place a dozen fist-sized rocks and a bucket of gravel into the jar, there is still space for sand and water between the rocks and gravel。

    The lack of time is just the excuse for my negligence of every single minute。 I believe that the great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in six words,"I did not have enough time。"The fact is I do have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein。 The point is I have never touched upon the real meaning of life which lies in snatching, seizing and enjoying every minute of it。 No idleness, no delay, no procrastination, no plaint! It is during my moments of plaining or hesitation that my destiny is shaped。 Once I make full use of every moment, I believe that, my worries will be gradually cut down to nothing。

    Time is the most valuable of all our possessions, but the most perishable as well。 As Henry David Thoreau said,"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment。"

    Whenever I fell the lack of time in the future, I will tell myself "Carpe diem , seize the day, make every moment count。"













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