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  • 2021年大學生精彩英語演講致辭

    | 宋佳



    My dear Teachers,fellow students and friends: Good afternoon.

    As we all know, the earth is a planet almost covered by water,and it is water made every thing on the earth lively.Water is also one of the important part of our environment.Though,is there really so much water for us to clean,to produce many things,to play with? how much water are there on the earth then?

    Most of the water is in the oceans or locked away as ice.The largest volumes of fresh water are stored underground as groundwater,imagine there is only one barrel of water in the world,then there is only a spoon of it on the land,and the water we can use is only a drop of it.Now I have to remind all of you here that the single drop of water is never as Clean as before,it has been polluted severely by our human beings.

    There is a very beautiful river in Paris.It is the Seine,it runs across the City,people drink coffee, chat on the bank in the day,at night,they enjoy the beautiful scenery in the boat,songs from the river fly into the Sky made the river more attractive, the Seine is a famous symbol of France;on the west coast of pacific ocean there lies the modern City Shanghai,anot ther river which used to be a very important transportation route runs through the center of the city,people respected and regard it as"mother".It is the"suzhou river,but l believe that few of you would sit beside it,people will be scattered by the terrible smell of water when walk by.I have to say it is extremely dirty! And we all know that a lot of beautiful rivers in the world also are Sharing the same fate with suzhou river.

    Many human activities and their by-products have the potential to pollute water. Please have a look along the banks of the river, large and small industrial enterprises discharge dirty water, tons of garbage were thrown into the river, the water contained so much that it can't clean itself. Compared with the dramatic development in many sides of Shanghai, the suzhou river has become a black point of the appearance of city.

    Fortunately, the government has control the situation now, we are happy to see some parts of the river has become clean again, and we even can find fish sometime.

    The unique earth is the only planet full of lives, the water is just like the blood in the active body, protecting water is saving ourselves. Not to waste a single drop of water, otherwise, the only drop of water we could keep in the future would be our tear!

    My dear friends, mankind still faces a great difficulty in solving the problems of the environment and development, and there is a grand task to perform and along way to go. The middle school students in China will always cooperate with the young people of the world to protect the environment.

    The future is ours to build!

    Thanks for listening.


    hello everyone!

    I have a dream that one day every vally shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

    Wow, what a dream it has been for Martin Luther King. But the changing world seems telling me that people gradually get their dreams lost somehow in the process of growing up, and sometimes I personally find myself saying goodbye unconsciously to those distant childhood dreams.

    However, we meed dreams. They nourish our spirit; they represent possibility even when we are dragged down by reality. They keep us going. Most successful people are dreamers as well as ordinary people who are not afraid to think big and dare to be great. When we were little kids, we all dreamed of doing something big and splashy, something significant. Now what we need to do is to maintain them, refresh them and turn them into reality. However, the toughest part is that we often have no ideas how to translate these dreams into actions. Well, just start with concrete objectives and stick to it. Don’t let the nameless fear confuse the eye and confound our strong belief of future. Through our talents, through our wits, through our endurance and through our creativity, we will make it.

    Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow. So my dear friends, think of your old and maybe dead dreams. Whatever it is, pick it up and make it alive from today.

    Thank you!


    good evening , ladies and gentlemen . i am joy and glad to give you a speech about stress , yes , just the topic you see on the screen.

    psychologist tell us that stress is a state of worry caused by the problem of living , such as too much work or study , heavy responsibilities , and quickened pace of life .

    statistics show that stress comes from every detail in our life . financial problems , poor health , being laid off may be the stress that most adults now suffering . as students in the university , we are also under our special stress . while study , having to take various tests and submit a project against a deadline may put a great pressure on us . and the things make us felt stressed may be our parents’s greater expectations on us than we could reach . later , when we are likely to graduate , some other problems will also annoy us . i think we will worry a lot about our ability to compete in the job market and how we can best use what we’ve learned at college in our future job .

    the chief problem we should face to is our atitude towards stress .people usually say they can not live in the sun except they escape from stress . it’s unwelcome ! yes , however , very necessary . just image a world where stress does not exist and people lead their life in a very comfortable way . but is this kind of living condition as perfect as we hope ? without stress , they may feel very satisfied with the current life but lack of power to discover new things . too much satisfaction result in nothing except a countermarch of the society . no stress , no development . so a certain amount of stress is good . it can stimulate us and increase our level of alertness .

    and our answer to stress is another vital problem . how to do with ourselves when stress suddenly break into our life ? to wave the white flag and admit our unability , to give up to our ideality , or worstly , just to suicide as to put an end to everything … of cause not . the principle is to tackle with stress gentlely and harmoniously. we should try our best to release ourselves . such as to do some exercise , to linsen to traditional chinese music or classical music to ease our minds and to learn to view these changes of life as challenges .it’s no use crying over spilt milk . only to accept what has happened can solve the problem .

    ok , i think i was under large stress 3 minutes before , but now i am here and have finished my speech . here is the last thing i want to add to my topic ,face to it and overcome it ,stress is also a piece of cake.


    istinguished judges, teachers, dear friends:

    Hello, everyone! My name is cheng xiang yan , I am a junior student come from life science institution .Today, I am very glad to stand here and share with you my most sincere speech‘Flying youth, master our future!’

    Life is a process of growing up. Saying goodbye to childhood, we step into another important time of life in the pace of young, facing new situations, dealing with different problems.....

    However, who can really say what the youth is ? A period of time? A belief?An attitude to life? Or anything else? actually, everyone has his ownunderstanding of young, it is a period of time of beauty and wonders, only after you have experienced the sour , sweet ,bitter and salty, can you really become a person of significance.

    Just like A famous poet said ‘ youth is a lovely song ,where nothing is impossible ,youth is a meaningful book, you’ll be never bored of it ;youth is a rapid river ,it keeps on flowing day and night ;youth is a cup of tea ,it shows you different kinds of tastes in your life.

    As youth is so precious, of course, we must treasure it .Don’t let the limited time pass by, grasping the young will means a better time is waiting for you in the near future.

    So,It’s necessary for us to prepare ourselves well for the future to come. having a view on those great men in the history of hunman being, they all made full use of their youth time to do things that are useful to society, to the whole mankind, and as a consequence ,they are remembered by later generations, admired by everyone. so do something in the time of young, although you may not get achievements as these greatmen did ,though not for the whole world, just for youeself, for those around! So, what should we do when we are young? Here,I’ll point out some tips to help equip ourselves.

    First of all,think of what you’d like to be some day. A teacher ? A doctor ? A writer? Don’t afraid of dreaming of big and great .Since you are young , you can dream of doing anything and becoming anyone in the future. What’s more , never ignore the power of knowledge. Read more books and travel around. For one thing, it can increase your knowledge, for another, it’ll broaden your horizon.

    Last but not the least , stick to your dream. It easier said than done. After all, future is not all roses. young is just like blooming flowers, they are so beautiful when blooming, which make people feel happy, but with time passing by, after they withers ,most people think they are ugly. and so it is the same with young, we are enthusiastic when we are young, then we may lose our passion when getting older and older. So we should have enough courage and determination to overcome all the difficulties in struggling on the road.

    I firmly believe one sentence that‘If you think you can, of course you can!’Just believe we can make it! Keep on walking towards our dream. Flying youth , master our future. From today, from now on , are you Ready ? That’s all. Thank you so much for your attention


    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very glad to make a speech here. today my topic is “I love you, China.”

    Since the day I was born, I began to have a proud name—Chinese. since the day I began to talk, the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever learnt has been “i love you,China!”

    I love you, China, and i’m so proud of being a Chinese. I’m proud that I’ve got the beautiful yellow skin, black eyes and black hair. I’m also proud that I speak the most beautiful language in the world—Chinese.

    I love you, China, for I can feel the deep love you give me every day, every minute. last year, I got an opportunity to visit the united states of america. during my staying there, my father’s boss once invited my family to dinner. while at table, he looked at me and asked: “little boy, how long have you been in america?” “about a month,” I answered, “how lucky you are!” he said, “if you were living in China, how could you learn such perfect english?” I smiled and told him proudly that all the students in China are able to learn english at school. I saw his surprised eyes and said to myself, “i’m proud of you, China. for you are offering us the best education.”

    When I came back from the usa, my friends asked me: “how do you feel about your staying there?” “wonderful” I said. “then why do you come back?” hearing this, I told them there were lots of beautiful countries in the world, but none of them can compare with our own country—China. how true the saying is: “there’s no place like home!”

    I love you, China. as a young student, all we should do is to study hard and devote ourselves whole-heartedly in the future, to the great cause of building you into an even stronger and greater country in the world. I love you, my dear motherland! I love you, China!

    Thank you for your listening !












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