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  • 高中生英語國旗下發言稿2021

    | 宋佳



    Dear teacher and classmates:

    I am very glad to make a speech here in this class again! This time, I'd like to talk something about English.

    I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

    When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

    Everyday, I read English following the tapes. Sometimes, I watch English cartoons.

    On the weekend, I often go to the English corner. By talking with different people there, I have made more and more friends as well as improved my oral English.

    I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington Monument, because the president Washington is my idol. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge university, I will be very happy.

    I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. I'll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Anshan. I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well.

    If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too.


    hello everyone! it is my great pleasure to share my dream with you today.

    my dream is to become a teacher.

    you know being a teacher is a thing that is very valuable and very interesting. i suggest that it must be a great fun to be with children all the day. and if i am a teacher, i can teach my students a lot of knowledge. they might become stronger and cleverer because of me. that is a very contented feeling.

    china is a developing country. chinese are not that excellent in their intellegent. so teachers in china might be very very important. they can provide the society with a lot of successful people, and make china a better place.

    do you think that i have a good dream? i will work hard to make my dream become true!



    good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

    The poet said: spring flowers to the door pushed open 。 I said: Thanksgiving to the door pushed open the living. If you carefully listen to the voices of flowers, are everywhere harmonious life movement.

    Then, as a middle school student, how Thanksgiving?

    First Thanksgiving their parents, because everyones life is a continuation of the parents of one blood, all of the parents gave us love, let us enjoy the human world of affection and happiness, therefore, we would like to thank the parents.

    Teachers are our growth, are our friends, teachers care for us , their words and deeds, let us benefit for life, we pay for teachers efforts and sweat, we should Thanksgiving teachers.

    Students study the lives of our fellow students to encourage each other, help each other, to jointly overcome difficulties and setbacks, the common taste of success and happiness learning, we should be grateful for every day and we accompanied the students.

    Thanksgiving-Fighting, Thanksgiving unlimited! Students, and Society Thanksgiving! Let us always to the life caring and full of love and love!


    good morning teachers and fellow students. today we would like to introduce a few favorite books to you.

    my favorite book is (italian: cuore). this is a diary written by an italian boy enrico. the diary is about his life and study. it included various touching stories that happened around enrico, the mottos taught by his parents, as well as the wonderful ten "monthly" stories told by his teacher during the class. every word in the chapter describes the word "love". from patriotism to friendship, and to the love between parents and child -- really touching.

    this novel taught me how to love, and how to learn from love. i really like this book very much. how about you? what is your favorite book?

    my favorite book is . have you read it before?

    oh, i haven’t read this book before. what is it about?

    well, it is a story of a rich girl who maintained her noble character after the bankruptcy of her father. the story is happy ending.

    can you tell us why you love this book so much?

    sure. it is because the story taught us to be brave and to face the challenges and difficulties with courage. i am deeply impressed by the strength and perseverance of the little princein the story. i have decided to learn from her from now on.

    oh i see, the story sounds very good. i cannot wait to read this book as well.


    I am Chinese. I am proud of being a Chinese with five thousand years of civilization behind. I've learned about the four great inventions made by our forefathers. I've learned about the Great Wall and the Yangtze River. I've learned about Zhang Heng and I've learned about Zheng He.Who says the Yellow River Civilization has vanished?

    I know that my ancestors have made miracles on this fertile land and we're still making miracles. Who can ignore the fact that we have established ourselves as a great state in the world, that we have devised our own nuclear weapons, that we have successfully sent our satellites into space, and that our GNP ranks No. 7 in the world? We have experienced the plunders by other nations, and we have experienced the war. Yet, based on such ruins, there still stands our nation----China, unyielding and unconquerable!

    I once came across an American tourist. She said, “China has a history of five thousand years, but the US only has a history of 200 years. Five thousand years ago, China took the lead in the world, and now it is the US that is leading.”My heart was deeply touched by these words. It is true that we're still a developing nation, but it doesn't mean that we can despise ourselves. We have such a long-standing history, we have such abundant resources, we have such intelligent and diligent people, and we have enough to be proud of. We have reasons to say proudly:we are sure to take the lead in the world in the future again, for our problems are big, but our ambition is even bigger, our challenges are great, but our will is evengreater.

    I am Chinese. I have inherited black hair and blackeyes. I have inherited the virtues of my ancestors. I have also taken over responsibility. I am sure, that wherever I go, whatever I do, I shall never forget that I am Chinese!

    Thank you.












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